The Presage Sharp Edged Series Evolves With A New Three-Day Automatic Movement And A New Design

Press Release

The Presage Sharp Edged Series Evolves With A New Three-Day Automatic Movement And A New Design

Introduced in 2020, the Seiko Presage Sharp Edged Series quickly gained a reputation for its angular silhouette, distinctively patterned dial, and hands and indexes that reflect light while enhancing legibility. Revealing a powerful expression of Japanese artistry and aesthetics combined with state-of-the-art mechanical watchmaking, the series demonstrated Seiko’s expansive skills and advanced manufacturing techniques. Today, a new three-day automatic movement and a new design join the Sharp Edged Series.

A new open heart movement with three days of power reserve

A new 6R series movement debuts with the latest Sharp Edged Series watches. With the new Caliber 6R5J, the latest creations boast an increased power reserve of three days when fully wound. The 21,600 vph automatic movement has indications for the hour, the minute, and the seconds, as well as a sub-dial for 24-hour indication at the 6 o’clock position. An eye-catching cutout at the 9 o’clock position shows the signature asanoha, or “hemp-leaf” pattern, which matches the same pattern seen on the dial surface. The movement’s escapement can be viewed and enjoyed through this opening. In recognition of the upgraded 72-hour power reserve, each watch’s dial reads “Automatic 3 Days.” The full expanse of Caliber 6R5J, including its gold-colored oscillating weight, is also visible through an exhibition case back.

The Sharp Edged Series is upgraded with a new design

The enhancements are not limited to the inside. A dual-curved sapphire crystal makes its first appearance in the Sharp Edged Series, giving the new watches a slender appearance on the wrist. Thanks to the new crystal, the dials appear closer and more vivid, enhancing legibility while showcasing the prominent dial furniture and exposed escapement.

Like each Sharp Edged Series watch, the dials of the two new creations bear the asanoha pattern. This distinctive motif has appeared on Japanese textiles since the Heian period over 1,000 years ago and is traditionally associated with a desire for growth and success. Composed of multiple layers, each three-dimensional dial comes to life through stamping, color grada- tion, and lap coating on the top layer, creating a rich texture. And each watch’s dial is imbued with a traditional Japanese color. The light one is called shironeri and is reminiscent of unbleached white silk, and the dark dial is aitetsu, or indigo iron.

The new watches adopt an enhanced design for the hour markers and seconds hand. The markers are sharper and point toward the center of the dial, while the seconds hand, which is gently curved down toward the markers, has a more pronounced and angular counterweight with a spiked tail. Thanks to their new designs, these essential elements of the interface harmonize perfectly with the asanoha pattern.

The newest Presage Sharp Edged Series creations will be available starting in June 2023 at the Seiko Boutiques and select retail partners worldwide.

(Images © Seiko)