Shaped by heritage. Powered by light. The Prospex Speedtimer Solar Chronographs

Press Release

Shaped by heritage. Powered by light. The Prospex Speedtimer Solar Chronographs

The 1969 introduction of the Seiko Speedtimer was an important milestone in the history of the chronograph. It was one of the world’s first automatic chronographs and featured Caliber 6139, whose precision in elapsed time measurement signified a real advance in the history of the automatic wristwatch.

Today, the newest generation of Speedtimer chronographs welcomes a series of three new creations whose design embodies the spirit of the original series but offer the added convenience, reliability and accuracy of Seiko’s solar technology.

All three watches will be available from November 2022 at the Seiko Boutiques and selected retail partners worldwide.

As is the case with all Speedtimer chronographs, every detail of this design reflects the preci- sion required for elapsed time measurement at the highest level. The chronograph second hand extends right to the tachymeter markings at the dial edge. The chronograph minute hand at six o’clock and the center second hand are both in red so that the elapsed time stands out clearly against the dial and can be read at a glance. The date window is placed between the indexes so that the exact time can always be seen with ease.

All three watches are powered by Seiko’s solar Caliber V192 which offers a 60-minute chrono- graph, a 24-hour subdial and, when fully charged, operates for up to six months without being exposed to light.

The combination of hairline and smooth finishes on the bracelet and the curved sapphire glass gives the watches a classic yet sports feel. The bracelet's thickness and weight ensure stability and a high level of comfort on the wrist. The dials have a sunray finish which ensures the high level of legibility that is a core characteristic of every Prospex watch.

These three solar chronographs bring the high specifications of the Prospex Speedtimer to all who want the high precision of electronic timekeeping and the reliability and convenience of a watch that is powered exclusively by light.

(Images © Seiko)